The main goal for this blog is to show what work is done to expand the game of basketball in the city of Trollhättan.

STEPPINGSTONES on how basketball could grow in Trollhättan - STEP 1

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This week, the first step of the steppingstones on how basketball could grow in Trollhättan, will be launched in a few differents steps that will be explained and evolved through different parts:
* What is the first step?
* Whats the NEXT step?
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Step 1 - Take care of the youth in Trollhättans BBK: Part 1
Its about the youth. It really is. Its the kids who will make basketball and every other sport grow.
To take care of them, Trollhättans BBK will have to make every Easy Basket-member enjoy the game they first sought out to play. They want to play, they want to thrive through the fun of playing.
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game". As Michael Jordan once said. 
To fulfil these simple but sometimes tough guidelines, so to say, we need to have people who can take care of them. These are the coaches of Easy Basket. They fill the most important role in this whole equation. To make it work for the kids, the coaches must be there.
A weekness in basketball in many basketball organizations around Sweden is that, while the number of kids playing Easy Basket could and right now grows, they lack available youth-coaches. This is a "must-happen" to really fulfil the above outspoken guidelines from the greatest player of all time.
Trollhättans BBK and other basketballclubs all around the country has or will have problems, from time to time, to fill up a coaching-pool so the workload can be at least shared. If they can succeed in getting coaches to their youth-teams the kids will have a better oppurtunity to 1) Just Play 2) Having fun while enjoying the game.
Right now:
Easy Basket is being organized at:
* Kronogården
* Strömslund
* Skogshöjden
* Sjuntorp
(Source: www.tbbk.com)
Looking at it, big picture, is that this is a good pool of geographically different areas to cover - to start through youth.
The other side of this is that the kids must want to play. Where is the interest in basketball? Compared to other sports in Trollhättan? How do they do it?
Next steppingstone: Tomorrow
Step 1 - Take care of the youth in Trollhättans BBK: Part 2