The main goal for this blog is to show what work is done to expand the game of basketball in the city of Trollhättan.

Bad courtconditions

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Recently, Ive been looking at some of the Courts that are placed near or within some schools. I figure, a way to expand the basketball in Trollhättan is to have good basketballcourt-conditions.
Some courts are really good, and I must compare the other activities such as soccer, goals for floorball etc. so I can get an honest and partly (but accepted) view of it all! But some Courts are under the margin for error... I mean, wow. I was checking out the Court at Frälsegårdsskolan and its completely un-playable and as mentioned at Facebook and Instagram its really injury-prone conditions: Mud, sand, hidden grass for slippery experiences at best...
Something has to be done about this. I know money always is a problem, and I know more projects are way ahead of priority. But, this is kind of bad. I want to look into this some more. I will keep you updated...
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    True! Sant. Finns fler exempel.

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