The main goal for this blog is to show what work is done to expand the game of basketball in the city of Trollhättan.

How basketball will grow in Trollhättan STEPPING STONES

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Next week, I will launch a few steps that I believe needs to be taken for basketball to grow in the city of Trollhättan.
Every steppingstone will be covered and on print on a weekly basis for a couple of weeks ahead.
The following steps will be divided in 1) how the already existing basketballclub in the city can help basketball grow,  2) how the city of Trollhättan can assist and help and 3) how social media and a broad spectrum of being "online" can help basketball grow in Trollhättan. 

These steps will also include information on how and what each responsible act already have been or are doing to help basketball grow.
This upcoming week:
Step 1 - Take care of the youth in Trollhättans BBK
Be sure to check it out on august 3rd!
Take care.
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