The main goal for this blog is to show what work is done to expand the game of basketball in the city of Trollhättan.

What is 0520expandbasketball?

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Trollhättan is a city of growth! First and foremost, this could explain why "Pick-Up Basketball Trollhättan" will be run in English. The reason is simple, as we have a lot of people who run their lives mostly in a foreign language. For those who are not comfortable using English you can of course write in Swedish.

As a city in growth, I mostly mean that the population has grown and will keep growing. To relate this into sports and basketball: The arena of basketball will have to increase in order to compete with other sports that exists in Trollhättan. This is not only a local fact but also a nationwide one. You could also make the argument that basketball have also shown signs to be quite underrepresented compared to other, bigger sports which can have an impact for example how available basketball is for people outdoors and indoors. 

The purpose of this blog, and other social media tools that soon will run continuosly besides it, lies in its simplicity and efficient way of interact with others.

This blog will focus on what the city of Trollhättan does to make basketball "happen", and by this I mean what it is that factors in to make basketball count. We will explore this to expand its possibilities. More specifically, the hope is that this will open up a broader dialoge between basketball in general and people in position to change things for the better, bringing basketball in Trollhättan into a new light.  

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With this said, it will all be left on the table, so to say. Lets see what can happen!


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