The main goal for this blog is to show what work is done to expand the game of basketball in the city of Trollhättan.

A small first request to 'Trollhättan Stad': Great news today!

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As this is the first real contribution on this blog, or in the "Pick-Up Basketball Trollhättan"-Community, lets concentrate on what I was telling you on our facebookpage the other day. I hope this is just a glimpse of what you, a simple man like I am (!), can actually do to make basketball happen in Trollhättan! Check it out:
Im living in Kronogården, and you could say Im a neighbour to Kronan-school and the combo-court (soccer/basketball) that is placed next to Kronogårdshallen/The Kronogårdsgym. This is a pretty nice court, and has a regular gathering of enthusiastic kids and teens. Although thats good and all, its mostly soccer being played. The court is green but it shouldnt stop kids from playing basketball (!?) which is why I wondered how it could be changed. Is it hard to bounce the ball or something? I tried it and its allright.. but what is it then?
I thought it would be nice if there were some way to raise the potential for more basketballactivities. So I thought: what about a free-throw line? And a drawing of the restricted area? Hence, the 3-second rule! (even if you dont actually use them in your pick-up game it could be quite motivating to notice the basketballrules being implemented on the court. And at the same time bring some Kudos to the city of Trollhättan!)
I made contact with Trollhättan Stad who further re-directed my request to the section that operates Parks and Schools, etc (In Swedish: Parkverksamhet i Trollhättan). They sent me an e-mail later on and told me my case were being taken into consideration! I will get back to them in April/May as it would be easier to perform that kind of work.
So, to all of you reading this. If you got a suggestion, about basketball or anything in life that you see and could be solution to a problem, make contact. This could actually become a nice spot for basketball. Maybe a few nets too? What do you think? :-)
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