The main goal for this blog is to show what work is done to expand the game of basketball in the city of Trollhättan.

The start of an non-profit association?

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My thinking is, if the gap between availability, good material (courts and baskets,etc.) and actually playing some basketball on the playgrounds of Trollhättan should close in on eachother it would equal into a winning situation. TBBK (http://www2.idrottonline.se/TrollhattansBBK-Basket/ ) has done a great job, outside their own clubarrangements and games, of organizing streetbasketball-tournaments every summer for a couple of years now and the interest is increasing.
I know TBBK is doing all they can and they are willing to get what help they can get to expand their organization and quality of it. Many recognize their hard efforts through events such as "Sporty Friday", "Fallens Dagar" (annually the biggest event in the city) with their streetbasketball tournament. (So if you watch this post and want to get involved in their organization somehow, maybe you could get in touch!)
Outside of this, it should exist a more communitybased supporting power for basketball that also could close the gap between organized play and basketball on the courts (organized or not) and thats how Pick-Up Basketball Trollhättan is supposed to be working. Even if its just a little push towards better courtconditions, playable and enjoyable, its worth it. 
A non-profit organization could bring some more availability of playing streetbasketball and when the goal is to increase the playingconditions and the attraction towards basketball it isnt outerwordly that those who actually run this city can make up for some of it. It also brings a validation that basketball wants to be heard, it wants to be seen but it mostly wants to be played - with a lot of joy and satisfaction.
Soon, I will try to get some people involved in the basketballactivities around the city with to have a discussion about what this non-profit organization could be and how it should work.
Im excited and its up to what work is done for the game of basketball that could make you others more and more excited over playing the game you love to play.
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